A sled is a vehicle with runners for sliding instead of wheels for rolling. It's used for transport on surfaces with low friction, usually on snow or ice.


The sled was first seen in "From Here to Ed," which it was used for the scam "Ed's Polar Sled Ride". The sled was carried by Edd dressed as a Siberian husky and Ed as the musher. After Kevin and Rolf kicked their soccer ball into its path the sled had to turn the other way, which made it crash into the fake snow (In reality, it was soap).

Another similar sled was seen and used in "Look Before You Ed." It carries the items of Peach Creek Jr. High's Safety Club, which was organized by Edd. It was powered by Ed, moving the sled around like the dogs in the Arctic, in this case a St. Bernard, but on real snow this time.

Construction Items

  • Skateboard (Body Pieces)
  • Curved Boards (Skis)
  • Rope (Modified)
  • Hockey Sticks (Pushing Handles)


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