Ed during the experiment.

The Smell-o-vision Experiment is an experiment that Edd conducted as a school project in "'Tween a Rock and an Ed Place." It was done with the help of his two lab partners, Ed and Eddy. It bears many similarities to the maze that Edd built in "They Call Him Mr. Ed." These similarities include the concept (sniffing out a tasty food) and the choice of test subject (Ed). Unlike said maze, however, this experiment was conducted in the wide-open confines of the school gym rather than in a backyard, and there was no maze to go through. Consequently, Ed came much closer to sniffing out his prize the "right" way, and the experiment would have been a success had it not been for Eddy's interference, where he drew Ed off course with the help of an extremely stinky gymbag, ruining the experiment's results.


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