A bunch of sticky notes in Edd's kitchen.

Sticky Notes are little notes that are placed all over the inside of Edd's house (mainly the kitchen). The notes are written by Edd's parents and contain chores and reminders for Edd. Edd never fails to complete each task on time, no matter how difficult or unusual the task is.

Sticky notes are first seen in "Keeping up with the Eds," where they detail the chores Edd must do. One of these chores is mowing the lawn, which sets up the main plot of the episode. The next time they are seen is in "Fa-La-La-La-Ed," when Ed finds a humongous stash of them in Edd's parents' bedroom. Their largest appearance, however, is in "Momma's Little Ed," where Edd is revealed to spend over two hours each day doing the chores that are laid out for him on the sticky notes. They are featured heavily in this episode, as the plot centers around Ed forging the notes (at Eddy's behest) and causing Edd to do all kinds of unnatural chores.


  • The sticky note system is very intricate and even branches off into sections as seen when Edd reads the part of a note that says, "P.S.: Father would like to talk to you. See note 6A, Section E."
  • The sticky notes are said by Edd to be how his parents communicate with him.
    • As such, this can be considered the only actual form of communication with an adult on the show.
  • In "Fa-La-La-La-Ed," Edd deems Ed's spelling to be atrocious, but strangely, in "Momma's Little Ed," he is able to imitate Edd's parents' handwriting perfectly.
  • Danny Antonucci based the sticky note system off his actual childhood summers, in which he would communicate with his parents in a similar manner.


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