Taco Ed's Mexican Cuisine was a scam that appeared in "Honor Thy Ed." The scam was supposed to have the Eds sell tacos to the kids. The tacos consisted of paper plates for the shells, grass/dandelions for the filling, grated orange crayon for the cheese, and Eddy's Brother's Armenian Secret Hot Sauce to top it all off. The scam was setting up good until Edd tried to humor Ed's eating of the grated crayon because it was orange like cheese by facetiously suggesting that a blue crayon must taste like a blueberry pie. Ed took the bait and indeed confirmed that it tasted like a blueberry pie, so Double D then ate a yellow crayon, wondering if it was banana flavor. Once he realized that it had a bad taste, he quickly needed something to drink and grabbed the first liquid he found which unknowingly at first, was the hot sauce. It seemed that it worked pretty good to clear his taste, and Ed even ate a taco with it, but Eddy, who was astonished as the hot sauce wasn't hot, took a lick of it to test it. However, the hot sauce finally kicked in and all the Eds were having a severe reaction to it. Edd reacted by having smoke blow out his ears and hat like a steam whistle, while Ed's head burned up (offscreen) and resembled a used match. Finally, Eddy's hair, in a stereotypically cartoonlike manner, started burning like a fuse and exploded. The Eds immediately abandoned the scam in order to find something with which to cool down.


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