Talk to the Magic Shoe was a scam that appeared in "Wish You Were Ed." It was a quick scam that was a predecessor to the Old World Village scam. When Rolf wanted to return to The Old CountryEddy thought of cashing in (literally) on Rolf's wish by pretending that he and Ed were swimming around in a giant bowl of Chunky Puffs that was obtained by wishing on the magic shoe, which was actually just Ed's shoe. The giant bowl of cereal was actually just a bowl made of scrap metal, milk from Rolf's cow, and tennis balls painted to look like Chunky Puffs. It was complete with a giant mockup box of Chunky Puffs in the background. When Rolf saw this, he wished to use the shoe to make a wish to return his homeland. Rolf, knowing what Eddy always wants, happily gave him $1.50 to make a wish on the shoe. Upon smelling it, however, the stench caused him to pass out, thus allowing The Eds time to whisk him away to the Old World Village.


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