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The3Eds (formerly Los3Eds and sometimes abbreviated as T3E) is an Ed, Edd n Eddy fansite. For many years, it was the most popular of all the show's fansites. Their slogan is "still smarter than a bus driver", which is based on a line from "Eds-Aggerate". Created by a member named Gabriel, it has shifted ownership from the following administrators, respectively: Tak, AnimatEd, and Bunji. The site is no longer as active as it had been in the past and no longer allows new members to register. The site is no longer in operation.


Edtropolis/The3Eds rivalry

There has been speculation of some sort of rivalry between the two fansites over the years among fans of the show by comparing the similarities between the two sites. This rivalry has not been confirmed by either website. The following quote is from concerning the rivalry.

This isn't so much news as an announcement, so here's saying 'Congratulations' to Bunji for becoming the new helmsman of the ever-popular The3Eds website. ^_^

It has to be said that over the years and even quite recently, we have been confused and indeed saddened by the notion held by some fans of the Eds in assuming that the two sites (T3E & EDtropolis) and the two online communities (T3E and E2E) are in some way competing with one another. Nothing could be further from the truth. What T3E & Edtropolis/E2E are doing however, is what they believe is a very worthwhile task - namely promoting a great and original cartoon show & celebrating the fact that through Ed, Edd n Eddy, people around the world are brought together in friendship to discuss, create and above all, to enjoy. So please, no more of this silly 'sites in competition' stuff guys, we're not rivals we're simply different with the most apparent differences probably appearing in our online communities. T3E is a much faster moving, snappier, altogether livelier forum where things go with a bang, whereas E2E (while we do get zappy occasionally) moves at a rather more laid-back pace. Some people are members of both communities but prefer one over the other, some find they can't get on with one or the other and some remain regular members of both and simply and celebrate the difference. After all variety is the spice, no? And if we were exactly the same, well it would get pretty dull pretty fast! So again congrats to Bunji & the other guys n gals over at T3E, a terrific Eds fansite which we're proud to be affiliated with! Carry on the good work guys, onwards n Eddwards!

—Kit & Zeph

Turner copyright claim

In December 2010, all of the episode downloads on The3Eds from seasons 3-6 and the specials were removed because of copyright infringement claims by Turner Entertainment. Currently, only three episode downloads of Ed, Edd n Eddy are available on the site.

Seasons 1 and 2 were removed when their DVDs were released in the United States in 2006 and 2007 due to the DVD releases causing the downloads to be redundant.

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