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A view of the fight.

The Cafeteria Battle was a fight that happened in "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo." The battle took place in the cafeteria of Peach Creek Jr. High. Eddy and Ed were fighting Lee and Marie over who caused Edd and May to fall in love. The fight started when Marie threatened Eddy which caused him to throw a sandwich at her. Lee than threw two hot dogs into Eddy's eyes, which caused Ed to defend him.

The fight then broke out when the Kankers started to throw several food items at the Eds and they fired back. The two groups flipped over the tables to defend themselves, only to later run the two tables into each other. The fight got worse as they stopped using food and actually started to hit each other. The kids were present at the fight and cheering (except for Rolf, who hid under a garbage can).

The fight ended when Edd and May came in and Cupid Sarah and Jimmy fired arrows at everyone.


  • This is the fourth battle between the Eds and the Kankers in the series, the first three were the Battle of Club Ed, the Wrestling Match and the Canadian Squirt Gun Duel.
    • This is the first fight between the groups where the Eds didn't lose to the Kankers: the battle ended in a draw.
  • Usually, when the Eds get into a fight with the Kankers, the battle often results with Kankers dominating and the Eds doing no damage. However, this fight was pretty even, as the Eds were able to actually defend themselves and do damage to the Kankers.