Eddy chasing Ed around the Creek.

The Creek is a body of water which runs through Peach Creek. It's most likely the body of water where the name Peach Creek is derived from. The Creek has been the main setting of several episodes, such as "Thick as an Ed." Its vast ecosystem is comprised of frogs, newts, lobsters, fish, and other organisms.

The Creek has been the center of several scams. In "Avast Ye Eds," it was sailed on during Eddy's Creek Cruise. In "Scrambled Ed," it was chosen as the location for Eds' Sea Ranch; a shoddy ripoff of Sea World. In "Thick as an Ed," it was intended to be used as the location of the Triple-E Frog Jumping Derby; banking on renting out nearby frogs to race.

The Creek is also shown to be capable of flooding the Cul-de-Sac. This was demonstrated when the Sea Ranch scam accidentally dammed up the Creek, causing it to overflow. The resulting flood submerged every house in the Cul-de-Sac under several feet of water.



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