The Econo Company is a company that makes food. Two of its products are bran muffins and beans. In "A Glass of Warm Ed," Ed went on a sleepwalking rampage, consuming all the neighborhood's food. This food included a large box of Bran Muffins which were labeled "Econo Bran Muffins." This may indicate that they are available in large boxes for purchase, or that they were stolen from a nearby store or warehouse. In the episode "O-Ed Eleven," one can see a box labeled "Econo Beans" in Eddy's Brother's room. The company's location itself has never been revealed; it is likely that it is a large wholesaler of foods.


  • The company may be Italian, as the name "Econo" translates to "Here you go" in English.
  • The company's name may also be a reference to the real world food company Econo Foods.


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