The Flying Eduardo Brothers (also known as Cirkus Eds) are a scam that appeared at the start of "Rent-a-Ed." In the scam, the Eds entertained the kids by putting on a circus act. Originally, none of the kids were entertained, largely because the Eds' act was rather boring. When Sarah voiced her displeasure, though, Ed stepped up his game and used his friends to perform an act that he had seen on TV. This entertained the kids up until Ed ended up breaking the playground's teeter-totter.

After Ed broke the teeter-totter, the kids all left, with Rolf throwing a hot dog at Eddy to show his displeasure. Despite none of them being pleased with the performance, no refunds were asked for, which suggests that either the kids were willing to let the Eds keep the money and were somewhat entertained or that Eddy hadn't made the kids pay to view the act. Later, the "Flying Eduardo Brothers" showed up again, when the Eds needed to escape Jonny's wrath.


  • Eddy: "Ladies and germs! The moment you've been waiting for, Cirkus Eds is proud to present, all the way from Reno, the one, the only… the Flying Eduardo Brothers!"
    Nazz: [yawns, other kids also show gestures of boredom but Jonny applauses]
    Ed: "You've got them in the palm of your hand, Eddy!"
    Eddy: [whispering] "Follow my lead, boys! [Voice raises and hands clap] Hup Hup, [struggles to stand on his head and falls down] Ha Ho!"
    Ed: "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah!" [Spins in mid-air and lands on his face]
    Edd: "Umm… Knit-one pearl-two?" [Does jumping jacks without jumping]
    Rolf: "Why is Double Ed-Boy calling the chestnut elves?"
    Sarah: [unimpressed and angry] "This stuff stinks!"
    Kevin: "Snoresville!"
    Ed: "Uhh… Okay! Watch this, little sister!" [Ed grabs Edd and Eddy, throws them in the air, catches them with his feet, and starts juggling them.] "I saw this on TV."


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