The Panda Eddy Show was a scam seen at the beginning of "Take This Ed and Shove It." The cast was made up of the Eds. Ed was Mr. Railroad "Rumpy" Rump, conductor of the "Elephant choo-choo". He was also the hot dog guy at the beginning, and he also provided the barking voice of balloon poochie. Edd was Mr. Calculator Pants, a character who was seemingly meant to teach math lessons. Eddy was the lead, Panda Eddy. Most of the scam was basically designed to "educate" the neighborhood kids, then rip them off with balloon poochie merchandise (one animal for 25 cents). It turned into a failure because the only two people who stopped by to see the show, Sarah and Jonny, were unimpressed by the childish affair and walked away, with Sarah calling it infantile as she left.


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