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The Swimming Hole

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The Swimming Hole
Location: The Creek
Purpose of place: A place that all the kids and the Eds go to cool off.
First appearance: Hot Buttered Ed
Other appearance(s): Every Which Way But Ed

The Swimming Hole is a small tributary beach like-area extending away from the main part of The Creek, first seen in the episode "Hot Buttered Ed." This is where the children of Peach Creek often come to swim in the summer. It's unknown why they don't go to the community pool to swim like they do at school, although it's probably a closer walk to the swimming hole from the Cul-de-Sac, and also probably because it's free. There is a large cliff above the swimming hole which Jonny 2x4 likes to sunbathe on. Underneath the cliff there is a shady spot to relax in. There is also a rocky, unstable patch of land full of hot rocks, bugs, and pollution. The Swimming Hole was seen again in the episode "Every Which Way But Ed" when Kevin flashes back to the time when Nazz used to be obese.


  • The Swimming Hole is sometimes mistaken for The Creek, which also runs through Peach Creek, though they may be connected.


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