The time capsule with some of Edd's stuff in it.

The Time Capsule was Edd's idea in "The Good Ol' Ed" to take some of the old things from previous episodes of the show and bury them to be discovered in the future.

Items in the Capsule

Below is a list of some of the items in the time capsule, and the episode they came from. The Eds made up some of the events that related to some of the items.

Item First Appearance
Eddo "Sir Ed-a-Lot"
Canadian Squirt Gun "Know it All Ed"
Fad Freak Suit "It's Way Ed"
The fish said to be the one Eddy used to duel Rolf "Dueling Eds"
Hypnotizing Wheel "Look Into My Eds"
Edd's Labeler "The Ed-Touchables"
An Ice Bag "Flea-Bitten Ed"
Things from Edd's room "The Ed-Touchables"
Most of the things from Eddy's room "Pop Goes the Ed"
A Remote Control
A Jug
A Spatula "High Heeled Ed"

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