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To The Eds-Treme is an online game that can currently be played for free on the Cartoon Network website. It features the Eds on a half-pipe, doing tricks to impress Nazz. Soon after the feature was implemented, the game was selected for's Power Play store, where certain games were upgraded and had to be bought. This version of the game included more tricks, more items, more levels, and larger ramps. The purpose of the game is to get the most points as each of the Eds, with a certain amount needed to advance to the next round.


The game is played on the keyboard. The arrow keys are used to accelerate, and the "Z", "X", and "C" keys are used to perform tricks in midair. The Shift key is also used to perform super moves (Shift + Z/X/C). Each regular move is worth 250 points, and each super move is worth 500 points. The amount of time to complete each level is set at 60 seconds. As you advance on to the next level with a different Ed to use, the length of the ramp increases.


Level 1: Eddy

This is the easiest level of the three. On this level, 3000 points are needed.

Level 2: Edd

This is the middle level. 4000 points are needed to advance.

Level 3: Ed

This is the hardest level. 5000 points are needed. Once these points are garnered, however, you have won the game.



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