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Toy Twister
Toy twister menu screen
Platform: Internet
Mode(s): Single-player
Link: [1]

Toy Twister is the name of the second video game that took place on the five weekly play of the CN website during the Invaded event.


Sudden objects fall from the sky such as toys, alien action figures and even junk. And Eddy plans to round them up to gain a lot of quarters. Throughout the game the player will have to collect toys in order to fill the needed toys bar. As the level progresses the difficulty increases and such as the number of items required. There are a total of 10 levels, in the first the player will need only five items. But in the last level the player will need twenty-five items in the total before time runs out. The player must collect in the total, anything that are toys like:

  • Paddleballs: $0.10
  • Basketballs: $0.15
  • Soccer balls: $0.15
  • Dollies: $0.20
  • Teddy bears: $0.20
  • Wagons: $0.25
  • Football helmets: $0.25

The player can also collect other alien toys, like:

  • Alien action figures; $0.25
  • Lazer guns; $0.30
  • Model UFOs; $0.40
  • And model robots; $0.50

The player can also collect junk that will cause him/her to lose $0.30, such as:

  • Old tires
  • Worn out pairs of shoes
  • Dirty socks
  • Old pairs of pants
  • Rolls of toilet paper

There are also jawbreakers that turn Eddy's skateboard into a hoverboard, making it easier to balance on the platform.

When Ended

When Cartoon Network Invaded took place, Cartoon Network put out a list of 5 games in which at the end that person would win an official wallpaper. Now it is a current normal game, and cannot be connected to the other "Invaded" games.


There's a specific code for every game in the link below. The code to this game is SQUILMOX. But it can only be introduced once the levels are finished.


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