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Transmitter Mop

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Transmitter Mop
Built by: Edd
Owner: Edd
Height: Almost as tall as Edd
Materials used: Mop
Transmitting Device
Bobby Pin
First appearance: In Like Ed

The Transmitter Mop was a machine built by Edd which was seen in "In Like Ed." It was one of the five experimental machines he built, and its purpose was either secret communication or, in a more likely scenario, survelliance. It was featured when Edd was introducing the spy equipment. Eddy didn't care about it and began rummaging through Edd's other items and obtained the Jet Pack.

Construction Items

  • Mop (Main Component)
  • Microphone (Modified)
  • Transmitting Device (Receiver)
  • Hair Pin (Receiving Device)
  • Bottle Cap (Message Receiver)

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