Triple-E Bubble Wrap is a scam that took place in "Stiff Upper Ed." For the price of 25 cents per person, the Eds offered their "irresistible" bubble wrap for the neighborhood kids to pop. During a demonstration, Edd failed to pop one of the bubbles properly, so Ed tried to help out. As usual, Ed went too far, and ended up popping a whole sheet of bubble wrap with his teeth, sending Edd flying onto the top of the other stacks of sheets, popping every single bubble. With all of the bubble wrap popped, the Eds had to bring another part of their supply back from Ed's shed, but were unable to because Sarah and Jimmy were hogging the backyard. Though Rolf and Jonny did offer to pay to try out the bubble wrap, they had to wait for the restock to come. It is unknown what became of the scam, because the Eds abandoned it so they could try to join Sarah and Jimmy's Rich Club.


  • Stacks of bubble wrap sheets for customers to pop.


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