The Triple-E Frog Jumping Derby is a scam that Eddy devised in "Thick as an Ed." His plan was to catch a bunch of frogs and then rent them out to the kids, who would race them in exchange for a grand prize, which he covertly revealed as mittens. However, before the scam could even get off the ground, his friends began to quarrel because Ed was carrying an extremely stinky chunk of cheese he named "Sheldon" in his jacket that offended Edd. Because of this, Ed and Edd refused to work with each other, ruining Eddy's plan. Worse yet, when Eddy finally got rid of Sheldon, Ed revealed that he had another lucky charm, "Angus," which was the even fouler skeleton of a fish, which once again caused Edd to refuse to work with Ed, much to Eddy's misery.