• AchieverBeaver88


    October 4, 2010 by AchieverBeaver88

    I will ask you all a trick question try to solve it. And, the winner will get a prize from me.

    My uncle lives in New York and born there in 1956. He lives there for 25 years. But, then he moves to Arizona in 1968 so, how old is he before he moves to Arizona? And, his sister is twice older than him how much will she be when my uncle is 12? And, how much will she be when my uncle moves to Arizona? At, last how much will my uncle be when he moves to Arizona?

    Two a little harder.

    How many miles is between Kansas and Chicago? If, I was in Kansas and begins to drive to Chicago then I stop at St Louis so, how many miles is left to me to drive to Chicago? And if, I was in Washington and my brother is in Colarado we walk same miles to a place from an …

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  • AchieverBeaver88

    Math probelms.

    September 21, 2010 by AchieverBeaver88

    Do you have math probelms at school? On August 18 2010 was a terrible test at my school. And, the worst of all is the math. Such as "Mary got 99 cows and she sold 11 of them to Jane and gives 13 of them to Michael and gives 8 of them to Susan and Mary gets 7 cows from her Uncle". And, I will asked you a math queastion. No caculatars! Now I will asked you now! "Danny is 15 years old after, years later he is 35 years old and his sister Tanya is 28 years now so, how many years took Danny to be 35 years and how much be Tanya when Danny was 15 years old?

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  • AchieverBeaver88


    September 5, 2010 by AchieverBeaver88

    Did someone ever felt pity on Jimmy?

    Poor kid.

    Jimmy the weakest child in Cul-De-Sac.

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  • AchieverBeaver88

    No spamming and no insults like user it is most important in the wiki.Only english,none of the other language here in this wiki.We must improve our grammar so,people can understand us better.Do not disobey the rules of the wikia.If someone have done something wrong to you tell us don't be scared.The rules of this wikia is very important so,obey the rules.

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