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    Featured Articles/Images

    January 17, 2011 by Agent M

    This blog post is to discuss featured articles/images.

    A popular article or image will get its section on the Main Page.

    • A featured Article for January
    • A featured Image for January

    Anybody may submit a picture/a link to what they wish to be featured. If that choice gains popularity with the majority of the users, it will be used. If a candidate is not chosen, I will do so myself, using a points system:


    • Writing quality (grammar, language, POV, etc.)
    • Good images
    • Length
    • Popularity (if it's popular with the other users)


    • Good Quality (no photos, discolored images, etc.)
    • Popularity (if it's popular with the other users)
    • Enjoyability (is it a good representation of the show? Is it funny? etc.)


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  • Agent M

    The Gravy Inquirer Issue 4

    January 12, 2011 by Agent M

    Jimmy's Bake Sale Falls Flat!

    Unfortunately, Jimmy did not expect that the rest of the kids were bored with Jimmy's baked confections after they ate all his Home Ec. projects. The poor child cried over his losses and trudged his way home, dragging his pastries along the way, and cried, "I'm so unhappy!". Eddy then proceeded mock the crying boy while Edd went on about morals and sensitivity.

    The GI saw the whole thing and offered to help him carry his products home, and "borrowed" his load.

    We later sold it all for $45,000,000 to the highest bidder, a Mr. Pha Tass.

    However, Jimmy later found out what we did and we were promptly beaten to a pulped pulp by Sarah, while Jimmy took our profits.

    The GI vows revenge against him.

    Written by Agent M


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  • Agent M

    The Gravy Inquirer HQ

    January 11, 2011 by Agent M

    The index for all GI issues (on this wiki) with links:

    • Issue #1
    • Issue #2
    • Issue #3
    • Issue #4

    This is a "how-to" guide to writing your own GI articles and making them a success:

    This section will explain how the titles should be formatted and such:

    The headline must be in "Heading 2" and bold.

    The sub-heading must be "Normal", center justified and in bold.

    [Insert Sub-Heading]

    All quotes must be written like this:

    • "[Insert Quote]" [Name of Speaker]

    However, if a quote is more than a line long, then it must be formatted like this:

    • "[Insert Quote][Insert Ellipsis]" [Name of Speaker] [(limited quote)]

    A very important part of what makes a tabloid tick is the material. At the GI, we try to come up with innovative and fresh ideas, with a little personal touch. …

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  • Agent M

    The Gravy Inquirer Issue 3

    January 1, 2011 by Agent M

    Jonny faces Trial!

    Months later after the given date of the trial, Jonny finally faces trial, after many witnesses and testimonials about his theft and ripping off of trademarked goods, Jonny was finally subpoena-d into the Peach Creek Laws and Justice building. Later on, after being repeatedly kicked out of the courthouse, the GI (now only comprised of one member) had to wait until it was publically broadcasted on public access. Apparently, Plank was supposed to be a member of Jonny’s defense, but later made the decision to switch sides for a lesser sentence, without informing Jonny, who has later condemned to 3 weeks of grounding, while Plank had not received any form of justice, due to being a plank of wood. The GI is pleased with the re…

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  • Agent M

    POLL: Custom Skin?

    December 12, 2010 by Agent M

    A lot of wikis around the network have their own custom skins, like the CN Wiki. Is it time for us to get a custom skin? Ruin Cireela provided this one for us:

    Tell us what you think!

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