Bruce Ed

aka LeGrant

  • I live in Only the Claw Knows
  • I was born on July 1
  • My occupation is Skyrims Weapon Vender, Cul-De-Sac Salesman, Hyrules Tradesman
  • I am Male
  • Bruce Ed


    Japan Jawbreaker:Increases the Ed's and Rolfs stregnth to take 1 more hit.

    Coffee Jawbreaker:Gives the Ed's another life.

    Spicy Meatballs:Lets the Ed's and Rolf brathe fireballs out of there mouth.

    Artic Jawbreaker:Eat to let the Ed's and Rolf breath icy cold breath.

    Peguin Suit:Let the characters swim faster,belly slide across ice,throw snowballs and not slip on ice.

    Rolf's Pipmle Cream:Shrinks the character to walk across water and get in small holes.

    Jetpack Suit:Lets the character fly into the air.

    Ultra Jawbreaker:Makes the character invincble for a brief period of time.

    Grabage Beast:Can temporilly fly in the air and stick out a grappling hook to latch onto enmies to pull them in.

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  • Bruce Ed

    New Super Ed Bros Wii

    August 24, 2010 by Bruce Ed






    Nazz at the bonus house owner.

    Eddys bro enlists the kids to help steals Rolfs flock and him and the Ed's book it to help get back his flock of animals.

    World 1:The Lane (Boss:Jimmy)

    World 2:The Sewer (Boss:Jonny)

    World 3:Eddy's Freezer (Boss:Lee)

    World 4:Ed's Surfing Kahuna (Boss:Sarah) (2nd Boss:Kevin Airship)

    World 5:The Woods (Boss:May)

    World 6:The Moutain Range (Boss:Marie)

    World 7:Space (Boss:Captain Melonhead)

    World 8:Mondo A-Go-Go(Boss:Kevin 2nd Boss:Eddy's Brother

    Check part 2!

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  • Bruce Ed

    Ed Heroes

    August 15, 2010 by Bruce Ed

    Ed version of the popular game,Sonic Heroes.

    Plot:Dr. Evil McEvil is giving away a million dollars and the Ed's rush to get there before 3 other teams from the Cul-De-Sac.

    Team Ed:

    Eddy:Speed character of the group.He runs the fastest out of all the Ed's and bounce off walls and roll into a somersault.

    Edd:Fly character of the group.Can use his hat to fly the entire group through the air.

    Ed:Power character of the group.He can pick up the other 2 and hurl them like Balls to foes.

    Team Man:

    Kevin:Speed character of the group.He runs fast and furious so get out of his way!

    Jonny:Fly character of the group.He can spin Plank in the air to propell the team in the air.

    Rolf:Power character of the group.He remains strong and powerful on the quest for rich…

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  • Bruce Ed

    I got the God of War remastred collection with my PS3 last month and recently started playing through God of War 2.It's gameplay is amazing but violent.Like a door on a guys head till he dies violent.but it's actually a really good game.Combos are easy the deaths are satisfying and puzzles are puzzling.It's set in greek times with Cyclops,Minotaurs, and Medusas.But it's a great game that I recomend.(I haven't beaten it yet.)

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  • Bruce Ed

    Faviorte Ed?

    August 10, 2010 by Bruce Ed

    My faviorte Ed of course is Ed.I think he's awesome.

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