Ed version of the popular game,Sonic Heroes.

Plot:Dr. Evil McEvil is giving away a million dollars and the Ed's rush to get there before 3 other teams from the Cul-De-Sac.

Team Ed:

Eddy:Speed character of the group.He runs the fastest out of all the Ed's and bounce off walls and roll into a somersault.

Edd:Fly character of the group.Can use his hat to fly the entire group through the air.

Ed:Power character of the group.He can pick up the other 2 and hurl them like Balls to foes.

Team Man:

Kevin:Speed character of the group.He runs fast and furious so get out of his way!

Jonny:Fly character of the group.He can spin Plank in the air to propell the team in the air.

Rolf:Power character of the group.He remains strong and powerful on the quest for riches!

Team Pink:

Jimmy:Speed character of the group.He dashes at extreme speed in order to beat the other teams!

Nazz:Fly character of the group.She twirls to propell the team in the air.

Sarah:Power character of the group.She can break through things with no ease!


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