Ed's Runnong

The Ed's Running through World 1.






Nazz at the bonus house owner.

Eddys bro enlists the kids to help steals Rolfs flock and him and the Ed's book it to help get back his flock of animals.

World 1:The Lane (Boss:Jimmy)

World 2:The Sewer (Boss:Jonny)

World 3:Eddy's Freezer (Boss:Lee)

World 4:Ed's Surfing Kahuna (Boss:Sarah) (2nd Boss:Kevin Airship)

World 5:The Woods (Boss:May)

World 6:The Moutain Range (Boss:Marie)

World 7:Space (Boss:Captain Melonhead)

World 8:Mondo A-Go-Go(Boss:Kevin 2nd Boss:Eddy's Brother

Check part 2!

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