Japan Jawbreaker:Increases the Ed's and Rolfs stregnth to take 1 more hit.

Coffee Jawbreaker:Gives the Ed's another life.

Spicy Meatballs:Lets the Ed's and Rolf brathe fireballs out of there mouth.

Artic Jawbreaker:Eat to let the Ed's and Rolf breath icy cold breath.

Peguin Suit:Let the characters swim faster,belly slide across ice,throw snowballs and not slip on ice.

Rolf's Pipmle Cream:Shrinks the character to walk across water and get in small holes.

Jetpack Suit:Lets the character fly into the air.

Ultra Jawbreaker:Makes the character invincble for a brief period of time.

Grabage Beast:Can temporilly fly in the air and stick out a grappling hook to latch onto enmies to pull them in.

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