• CleanWater28

    A new pet for me

    December 23, 2010 by CleanWater28

    I've got some wonderful news for all of you.

    I know that, this is not related to Ed, Edd n Eddy but I'm gonna tell you. Me and my dad decide to go for a walk today. Then, we got so tired so we went to sit under a tree that have a very few leaves. Sundently something fell on us it was a baby squirrel. We took it home. That was happen at morning 9:42 AM, today. Now the squirrel is my new pet and I'm guessing what should I name him.

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    Difficult test

    November 28, 2010 by CleanWater28

    Here, I'm gonna test you. Remember no calculators! They are forbiden here in this blog.

    I've took a paper and count it for a long time. I know, the anwser now it's your turn.

    1. 312 divide 50 is?

    2. 2175 multiply 3 is?

    3. 19887 divide 15 is?

    4. 132 multiply 40 is?

    5. 65 divide 25 is?

    6. 67 multiply 4 is?

    If, you know the anwser so come and comment it here and don't forget to show how do you do it so, you can find the anwser. Remember it's important.

    Ok, now everyone this is over because Agent M have already solve it.

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  • CleanWater28

    Parents of the kids.

    November 5, 2010 by CleanWater28

    Now, what do you think of the kid's parents? Like:

    • Edd's parents
    • Ed's parents (Ed and Sarah's parents I mean)
    • Eddy's parents
    • Kevin's parents
    • Nazz's parents
    • Johnny's parents
    • Plank's parents
    • Rolf's parents
    • The Kankers's parents

    Tell me about it.

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    October 22, 2010 by CleanWater28

    Can, you guess which school I am asking about and the winner will gets a User Gift. (I am not telling you and you must guess without my help.)

    • The school is located in United States of America.
    • And, it was in a state that the name of the state was starting with N and a space then the last is O.
    • And, the city in the state and it's called L_ _ V_ _ a_. (Try hard you must know)
    • The district a 1,261-square mile (3,270 km) area in northern San Miguel County.
    • Within the city of L_ _ V_ _ a_, the district serves area located east of the Gallinas River.

    Type: Public

    Grades: K-12

    Location: (Can't, tell you)

    Superintendent: Ricard R_me_o

    District Mascot: Cardinal

    Colors: Red/White

    I, know it's hard but I know that you can look that in Wikipedia if you want to. …

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  • CleanWater28

    About The Kids.

    September 4, 2010 by CleanWater28

    Now, everyone can comment which is their Favorite Character.

    Sarah is the spoil sister of Ed. She was always, mean to The Eds and hangs out with Jimmy everytime.

    Jimmy is the weakest kid in Cul-De-Sac. He wishes to become famous and he Probaly hangs out with Sarah.

    Nazz is the cutest girl in Cul-De-Sac. She mostly, hangs out with Kevin and every boys like her.

    Kevin is cynical, and cruel at times. He has a bike which he loves it more than anything and he mostly, hangs out with Nazz.

    Rolf is a foreigner and he came from an Old Village in Eastern Europe. He has a farm, and he Probaly tells amazing storys to everyone.

    Johnny is a lonely kid. He makes Friends with Plank a wooden thing. He has a big head which, may be stuck in the trees at times.

    Plank is a…

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