Can, you guess which school I am asking about and the winner will gets a User Gift. (I am not telling you and you must guess without my help.)

  • The school is located in United States of America.
  • And, it was in a state that the name of the state was starting with N and a space then the last is O.
  • And, the city in the state and it's called L_ _ V_ _ a_. (Try hard you must know)
  • The district a 1,261-square mile (3,270 km) area in northern San Miguel County.
  • Within the city of L_ _ V_ _ a_, the district serves area located east of the Gallinas River.

Type: Public

Grades: K-12

Location: (Can't, tell you)

Superintendent: Ricard R_me_o

District Mascot: Cardinal

Colors: Red/White

I, know it's hard but I know that you can look that in Wikipedia if you want to. Now begins!

Alright, it's over because User:IbraheemSajid have solved it.

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