File:Ed wars 4.png
after the events of the clone wars eddy betrade the eds and killed all the other jedi with kevin as his aprintice,20 weeks have pased since the rise of the empire on bored the kanker 4 marie kanker and her rebel allies are trying to get back to the rebel base on yavin 4 but are attacked by darth vader(formly kevin)and his impirel army so marie sends a messege to edd but she is then captured and forced to tell the impire about the secret location of the rebel base,mean while on tatooween edd is looking for ed who was kicked out of the empire,after they meet they then search for a pilot to take them to terra 10 but it blew up so after they free marie they then head to yavin 4 to fight the empire then they attack the death star then ed destroys the death star with a little help from rolf and jonny 2x4.

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