File:Clone Troopers Phase II.jpg
File:Commander bacaras death.jpg
WAR!after the fall of the old republic edd and the rest of the rebels are planing the down fall of the empire but edd has plans to make a new republic where peace can finaly be in the galaxy so he has his clones that dident execute order 66 help the rebels along side a buntch of recreated clones(some share the same name and appirnce as thair predaceser)but when vader attacks the kanker 4 only a short amount of troops escape(the others whera ither captured or killed)marie kanker is captured and taken to the death star,later on tatooien edd finds squad x2 and R2-D2 C3PO and some surviving rebels,then he finds luke skywalker the brother of the misteryis warrior(who is now darth vader)then they all head to mos ely to find ed who is a good pilot and a former imperial officer,then they rescue marie kanker and deafet the entire empire.

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