Verse 1

Got a strict diet on M&Ms, at the store I spent $100 on them.

Got pet seagulls under my bed, I'm not sure but I think they're dead.

Eat my gravy with buttered toast, I'm not tryin' to boast.

I got straight Ds in history. Don't believe me then look at these (Shows report cards).

13 years old and can't tie my shoes. If there's writing contest then I'm sure to lose.

I spend my time watching horror movies. I once did a dare to drink 100 smoothies.


I hate writing choruses, 'cause I'm a Idiot! A really stupid idiot! I hate writing choruses, cause I'm an idiot. ('Cause I'm an Idiot!)

Verse 2

Don't know how to spell YMCA. Is it "grey" or is it "gray"?

Ask me how to spell calculator and I'll say "C-A-L-Smell-You-Later!"

What's the number for 911? I've got gravy, I've got a ton!

There must be something wrong with me, 'cause I spend all day looking for the "Any Key"

What's the difference between a jewler and a jailor? I'm sorry, I'm just failure!

Every damn day, I draw my favorite dinosaurs, (Thesaurus!). No, I'm sorry I'm on the chorus.



I told you I was an idiot. I'm surprised I was able to make this music video. And why are all the girls comin' on to me now? I must've forgot. I must have had ballzheimers. Hehehehe.

Chorus x2

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