A parody of the song If Only from Batman the Brave and the Bold.

(Music Style: Slowly, Accoustic)

Eddy: Look at me. I made a scam.

The only thing that proves what I am.

A scammer at heart!

My very black heart!

Pulled apart!

Cash money!

If only I had money!

I had money!

I had money!

Like I loved scamming Jimmy.

Kevin: How he scams, makes me scream.

That's why no one picks him for our teams.

A dorky voice.

Hopefully he's weary.

That Eddy!

Eddy: (Spoken) Hey shut up! This is my song! I thought it was about money...

(Singing) If only he wouldn't tease me!

He wouldn't tease me!

He wouldn't tease me!

Like I won't wedgie him! (Wedgies Kevin)

Kevin: (Spoken) Hey! That doesn't rhyme!

(Singing) Our voices may be in tune,

But this, dork, ain't a cartoon!

I know you will get hurt!

And... I... will... pound... you, you turd!

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