This is a fanmade Spanish anime series created by CxHxA on YouTube. It is about a boy named *Kunahsgi.* It combines DragonBallZ, Yugioh, Pokemon, and Naruto.


Goku: Ku

Naruto: N

Ash: Ash

Yugi: Gi


15 years with this guy, and I haven't asked him yet.

Kunashgi: Uhh, I've known you for a while, but I'm afraid I don't know your name.

Tecojobichi: Oh, so the day has come... My name is Tecojobichi.

Kunashgi: Nice to meet you, Tecojobichi!

Tecojobichi: Who the heck are you calling Tecojobichi!?!

Kunashgi: Um, well that is your name, right?

Tecojobichi: Oh, yes, I'll forgive you this time.

Kunashgi: Um, and what is my name?

Tecojobichi: Oh, so the day has come... I really don't know your name. But I call you Kunashgi. Hehehehe.

Kunashgi: Wow... Are you my father?

Tecojobichi: Oh, so the day has come... No, I am not. Your parents were sailing... And they tossed you cruelly to this place.

Kunashgi: Oh, and why did they abandone me? And please don't say, 'Oh, so the day has come'!"

Tecojobichi: You sure are a party pooper kid. Well, I supposed they abandoned you because there was a big storm that night and your life was in danger... Well that's what I think. Or maybe they were bastard ninja androids from space. Or maybe_

Kunashgi: Nah, let's just leave it at that!

Tecojobichi: Well, boy, let's continue with the training because today is the Grand Day... (Cue the dramatic music)

Kunahsgi: Well, what will we do, Tecojobichi-sensei?

Tecojobichi: Dance!

Shake it baby, shake it!

Kunashgi: Nah, seriously now, Teco. Like, what will we do, dude?

Tecojobichi: Dance!

Kunashgi: Believe me. Iy doesn't work twice, Tecojobichi.

Tecojobichi: Uhh no? Uhh no!?!

Kunashgi: No.

Tecojobichi: Okay, I didn't hear you. And no 'Teco' or 'Tecobichi'. Tecobichi-sensei to you! Insect...

Kunashgi: I will try it.

Tocejobichi-sensei: So then... You are wanting real training, eh?

Kunashgi: Yeeah!

Tecojobichi-sensei: Uhh yes?

Kunashgi: Yeeah!

Tecojobichi-sensei: Uhh yes?

Kunashgi: Yes...



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