Join the Random TV Stuff Wiki. You can write about anything! If you join this is what'll be on your talk page.

Yeah, way t'go slugger! Thanks for joining this wiki! Play ball! I'm the admin now, and I am pwning you!

Pwning = Domination

Domination = Look it up

Edit the freakin' pages! You're starting to bore me how much you suck! Seriously, you all suck! Would you look at you, I mean look at you! Bonk! You seein' this?! Boink! Freakin' unbelievable! Look at this! Oh are you gonna cry? Are you gonna cry?

Sorry for the Scout Quotes, but don't just sit there, edit something.

If you are one of the first three users to make 150 edits, you'll get a second beatin' absolutely free or, adminship! Your choice. Most people choose the second beatin' just to let you know.

Random TV Stuff Wiki

How you like me now, fat head?!


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