The Cartoon Force is a comic created by DogDays124. The group itself was created by Bloo. It was formed so they could fight crime and help all cartoons old and new. In this story both old and new CN live together in peace and harmony.

Theme Song

Rescuing all the cartoons old and new!

Jack, Buttercup, Eddy and Bloo!

Saving the men and women,

Being in bed by ten!

Stops you from being stung by a bee,

Rescues your cats from a tree!

Jack the leader of the group, he really loves to spar!

But he'll stop what he's doing and get you away from that speeding car!

Eddy's the major scammer! He always has a plan!

But when his favorite song come's on, "I'll always want to jam!"

Buttercup, the fiercest girl you've ever met.

A single cry for help and to you she'll jet!

Bloo is the reason for this all! He formed this team!

Even though he has no real important role, he's got victory in his gleam!

United forever,

Strong together,

They're the Cartoon Force!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

They're the Cartoon Force!


Issue#1: The Mischief of Mad Mac!

Dutchess teams up with an imaginary mad scientist named Cray Z. Pete and they brainwash Mac so he can do their evil bidding.


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