A parody of the Bedroom Intruder I wrote in about ten minutes.

Well, obviously we have a Santa Claus in our house.

He's climbin' down your chimney,

Bringin' your presents out.

Trying to give us Christmas joy,

So you better bring your kids,

Bring your wives,

Bring your kids,

Bring wives,

Bring your kids,

Bring you wives,

And bring your husbands 'cause he's giving Christmas joy.

No matter where you are, don't worry.

He's gonna find you,

He's gonna find you.

So you got a new hat,

and got a new cat, good boy.

Good, good, good boy.

I got new T-shirts,

and some finger paints and all.

You are so nice.

You are really nice.

For real.

Santa got away, leaving behind presents.

I was brought joy,

By some fat guy in the North Pole.

So nice,

So nice,

So nice,


'Bout 4'9, 4'10.

Rosy red complexion,

Frizzy white long hair.

With a little hat on his head.

Long beard,

Very pink face.

Seein' Santa when I walked in,

With his hands around the cookies.

First thing was to ask for a ride

And I did.

Well, obviously we have a Santa Claus in our house.

Are you serious, Santa?

I got a T-shirt.

I got a perfume scent.

You even knew my shoe size, Santa.

Where ever you are,

He's still gonna find you, find you.

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