The is the place Rolf used to call his home. But then he moved to the city of Peach Creek and enrolled in Peach Creek Junior High. What I don't know is what is "The Old Country"? And where is it. You can hardly tell by his accent. In my opinion, I think Rolf looks Middle Eastern. Someone else might think something else but there is nothing wrong with that.

Anyways, not even the customs and traditions hint where "The Old Country" is. Some of the customs are; a typical family sits around the stove and tells stories of produce spread. You may learn to stack sausages at the age of two, that might be from the German Alps. You must honor your ancestors.They have that in a lot of countries.

In Wish You Were Ed, Eddy was dressed like a Scottish person and had the accent. It doesn't sound at all like Rolf's. Double D was wearing a Middle Eastern women outfit.

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