I'm sick and tired of all you ignorant users who can't speak proper English. And I will point fingers. First of all learn to use the Space bar. It's really helpful. Oh and the shift key could help too. Also, look up pronouns. Oh and do you see that little dot under this ">", well that's what we smart people call a "period." They didn't put that on the keyboard for nothing. You guys do realize that we think less of you when you make mistakes a six-year old could find. It really does make people think you are stupid. I won't lie. I've even seen edits that look like they were made by a three-year old. Oh and if you are going to insult someone for saying you have bad grammar, you should at least insult them with better grammar (CleanWater28). Some users have grammar only a mother could love (not even). Here are some of the users who I've seen, that can't type.

  • CleanWater28
  • Deathjr45
  • Kokomando
  • Edboy222
  • Princeofpersia69
  • Professor scam
  • Famil Guy Rocks

That's all I've seen, but I know there are more.

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