On the twelve days of Toons-mas my TV gave to me,

Courage: Twelve lots of ghosts! Ahh! (Screams)

Mandy: Eleven Billies and Mandies. (Billies picking their nose, Mandies beating up Irwin)

Finn and Jake: Ten adventurers adventuring! Adventure time! (Fist pound)

Eddy: Nine Slovak Jawbreakers! I wish...

Mordecai: Eight free cakes!

Johnny Bravo: Seven cans of hair spray. My exact birthday wish from when I was nine!

Dukey: Six jazzing Johnnies!

Johnny: Booty! booty! Booty! Booty! Booooty! (Doing the Booty Dance)

Ed, Billy, Dee Dee, Robot Jones, Numbuh 4: Five golden cartoons!

Robot Jones: Four circuits running!

Dudes From Dude What Would Happen: Three dudes experimenting!

Numbuh 2: 2x4 technology!

All: And a Toons-mas never to forget!

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