I recently downloaded flash, and I'm pretty good at it. So I'll be doing a lot of animation. So far my first animation, Dale & Gregg, turned out great. But there is one problem. I need voice actors. Yes. It would be a big help if any of you out there could lend me a hand. If you don't, oh well. I'm not forcing you. But if you will great!

Now, you must have a working microphone. I can't have bad quality sound. You also need a voice that suites the character the most. If multiple people audition for the same character, I will chose the best one. Now, for you audition, all you have to do is say a few sentences. Simple. Then you upload it onto Mediafire for me to download and listen. If you get the part, great, but you have to be ready when I need you. You can't just quit by the second episode. If you really have to, I guess I'll hire the next best person. So if you don't get part just wait, maybe I'll need an understudy.


The episode I just uploaded:


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