Team:Characters In The Bet:Annoying Habit:Last Bet Placement

B:Ed:Eating Gravy:1st

B:Edd:Using big words:5th


B:Lincoln:Reading comics in his underwear:2nd

G:Lori:Calling her BF:6th

G:Leni:Saying "Like":11th

G:Luna:British accent:8th


G:Lynn:Everything is a sport:9th

G:Lucy:Creeping up on others:10th

G:Lana:Mud plying:7th

G:Lola:Looking in the mirror:3rd

G:Lisa:Science experiments:4th


Reward 1st:$3 2nd:$1.50 3rd:$0.75


1st:Ed-His allegicness to Butterscotch made Lily cry when his face swelled from jumping into the butterscotch pudding that Eddy order for his revenge for losing the last bet.Reward:$3

2nd:Lily-She cried when looking at Ed's face,being frightened,she cried thinking Ed is a monster. Reward:$1.50

3rd:Lincoln/Eddy-Thinking that the boys won,Eddy screamed at the girls and Lincoln taking his sisters stockings of while Ed jump into the butterscotch bucket,thinkingit was gravy,but forgot about Lily:Reward:$0.75

4th:Lola-Lincoln and Eddy planned to make Lola lose by cleaning and polishing everything in the house.She lost by fixing her makeup

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