(Wind blows peacefully)Ed Edd N Eddy Presents The Vacation Edventures(All the houses are shown)By Danny Antonucci.

Edd:(Walking down humming)

Eddy:HIYA DOUBLE D.(Screaming)

Edd:Hi Eddy,remember not to scream to me it scares me.(Shaking)

Eddy:Yeah,Yeah lets go get Lumpy

Ed:Hi Eddy what are we doing today? (Happily Smiling)

(Arwings woosh through the air)

Pilot 1:(Loudspeaker)rAttention,all humans you will now suffer the wrath of the arwings by destroying everything here.

Edd:Oh dear


Rolf:Ed boys,run for your lives as this is the end of the world.

Kevin:I'm out of here

Edd:Gentlemen,I sugI'mgest were must go to the junkyard

Eddy:Agree with you Sockhead

Ed:Double D's has the plan

(The Eds run in horror)

(Scene 2)

Edd:(At the junkyard relieved) We made it.Sanctuary.But what do we do now

Ed:(Spots something)Look a magic door

Eddy:Ed your a genius,Double D can fix that teleporter.(Happily)

Edd:Good work Ed.It won't take long.

(Bombs are heard)

Eddy:(scared)Hurry Double D

Edd:Done,quick get in

(The Eds ran into the telepoter,the teleporter vanished)

Pilot 1:I'll get them

(Scene 3)

(The teleported appeared)

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