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    Back in Town

    October 11, 2015 by Dr. Angryslacks

    Hey everyone, I'm Doc Mad, one of the admins both here and on the woefully neglected fanon wiki. I served both wikis faithfully since I found them in late 2009 as an anon until I made my account in May 2010, all the way until early 2013, shortly after Xydux became admin. In that time I even wrote a couple fanfics of dubious quality too (that I admittedly still have a small desire to finish). By the time I left my interest in the Ed-boys and it's fandom was waning and since I felt at least the canon wiki was in good hands, I unofficially retired. Since then, among other things, I've graduated high school and am currently in my second year of college studying computer infrastructure, watching Gmod animations and playing Team Fortress 2 (whi…

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  • Dr. Angryslacks

    May 5th 2010: On that particular Sinco de Mayo I created an account, long story short I have been here for two years now and am going to share a little story to celebrate. As I find boasting about eating potato chips pointless drivel.

    I wrote this story while bored in my schools Geometry, Michigan and World History, Biology and English classes and after a little enlightenment from a few books by Douglas Adams, I decided to write a tribute to him. I admit it may not have emulated his style at all, but it's the thought that counts I suppose. So without further ado, I present to you my story:


    Once upon a time there was a simple man named Jerry Fermilab, living in a simple little land called Socatoah. Jerry's life was fairly mundane; he…

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  • Dr. Angryslacks

    November 18, 2011: To think, sixteen years ago one of the many fans of the Cartoon Cartoons breathed life in for the first time. However, this particular fan would someday be a Vanguard of the Edcyclopedia, and continue to keep the spirit of the Ed-boys burning brightly through fanfiction. The Fan was not the first to follow the path of serving Ed, Edd n Eddy, but is not the last either. Now time to tell a story about this very day, and how it was spectacular. (The Fan is me in case you forgot)

    I will spare you the boring stuff and skip to the good stuff. It was Mich. History class, everything went normal at first then it happened. You see, it is common for our teacher to show us a video relating to the current topic, in this case Tecumseh's…

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  • Dr. Angryslacks

    This poll is a recount to decide whether or not the wiki be named the Edcyclopedia.

    The name Edcyclopedia is a clever and fitting title for this online encyclopedia about the Eds. As far I can tell, this name has not been used before. Not to mention is far more unique than "Ed, Edd n Eddy Wiki".

    Aside from personal prefrences to keep the current name, there is little to lose other than the wiki logo and possibly the URL. The latter the Wikia Staff may fix for us.

    Poll closes on Friday.

    Two votes "yes"

    Five votes "no"

    Three votes unverified.

    Summary: The name "Edcyclopedia" while creative, has been deemed not cost effective to rename the wiki as.

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  • Dr. Angryslacks

    Ave fellow Edcyclopedians, have you ever read Jspyster1's fanfiction story Desolation Ed? Even if not, then you are about to read a sneak peak to the official continuation to the E,EnE/Fallout crossover: You See Ed (only partially non-canon. Of course like Fallout Tactics, everybody only says half the title)

    "Wait a minute I thought Jspy had his own sequel planned out." You might say, but allow the Edcyclopedian to explain.

    The idea for You See Ed stems back to when I first played Fallout 1, at the starting location is just outside Vault 13. A skeleton lay facing the entrance, if inspected, the sentence "You see Ed, Ed's dead." appears.

    The next day I pointed this out to Jspy, who jokingly speculated that maybe Monobrow travelled all the way to …

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