Derp Medic

It's been a long, long time since I've logged into Wikia, and wow does it show.

Hey everyone, I'm Doc Mad, one of the admins both here and on the woefully neglected fanon wiki. I served both wikis faithfully since I found them in late 2009 as an anon until I made my account in May 2010, all the way until early 2013, shortly after Xydux became admin. In that time I even wrote a couple fanfics of dubious quality too (that I admittedly still have a small desire to finish). By the time I left my interest in the Ed-boys and it's fandom was waning and since I felt at least the canon wiki was in good hands, I unofficially retired. Since then, among other things, I've graduated high school and am currently in my second year of college studying computer infrastructure, watching Gmod animations and playing Team Fortress 2 (which I've properly fallen in love with thanks to said animations) in my free time. Things have been good.

With all that said, this is the first time I've visited this wiki in nearly two and a half years, what's been happening since I left? Who from the old guard is still around and how have they been? Any new faces wanna introduce themselves?

Dr. Angryslacks

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