I was curious one day, so I decided to check out the Cartoon Network Wiki, and upon browsing a few articles my reaction was like this. "Oh, my F****** God."

It was quite terrible the wiki which is 1200 pages strong was in total disrepair.

1. Many of the articles on cartoons were copied off of Wikipedia and included a ton of red links except for the Ed, Edd & Eddy one which our Wiki's very own Jspy many times spent his time trying to make it a decent page. Sadly the article would be vandalised shortly after.

2. Most other articles (when I mean most I mean almost all) were either super stubs, spam or extremely vandalised. Here is the article on Kevin for example.

Kevin is a Jock Neighbourhood h is voiced by Tress MacNeille

Thats it.

3. The administrators of the website completely neglect it. The newest was made Bureaucrat and Sysop by default because the others stop bothering to monitor. And even then that person rarely does anything. the whole wiki is pretty much open season for Vandals and Spammers.

There is no hope for the wiki at all. If there was it would require a operation 10X that of R.E.W.R.I.T.E. and the time and manpower needed would just be too uneconomic.

The link to the filth

Note: Dr. Angryslacks is not responsible if you suffer a terminal illness upon reading.

I would then make a Medic quote but I do not posess TF2.

Time for Opinions Dr. Angryslacks

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