• Duuhiki of a rabbit


    science: F

    english: E

    history: C (Knows all the way to hades)

    maths: F (17 x 4 = a boot LOL)

    wood shop: D (Due to being able to built Club Ed)

    cooking: F

    P.E: A (No need of explaning right?)

    art: F (A piece of macaroni glued to a paper art does not make)


    science: A

    english: A

    history: A

    maths: A

    wood shop: A

    cooking: A

    P.E: D ( OMG!!!)

    art: B+


    science: F

    english: C (atleast he has creativity for scams

    history: E

    maths: F

    wood shop: F

    cooking: A (I want to taste that awsome omlete beacause it has all my favourite ingrediance)

    P.E: E


    science: C+ (Reason:- After learning this still belives in the fairy tales myth)

    english: B

    history: A

    maths: A

    wood shop: D-

    cooking: A+ (for double D to make a doily (or whatever it's called) about it.)

    P.E: F- ( Jim…

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