File:Super Eds Ed by Nintendo Nut1.jpg
I am a future kid who is the great-grandson of Ed. I came to his time to get revenge on The Gourd for having his demons attack my parents with a ray that sped up their aging, the same ray made The Gourd immortal.

Ed's Alter-Egos

Ed has many alter-egos. There is Average Joe, Edapuss, The Claw, and my favorite Edzilla! There are more too, like Lothar, Snuggle-me-Ed, ect.

Four Things About Me

Once I destroyed the Peach Creek Jr. High's Science Lab trying to create fusion matter. My to best friends are Edd Duling and Eddy Verra. I went to juvy because I was framed for' 'stealing a 'cobra, a viper, and a 'python from the pet store. I am the new King of the Cul-De-Sac. I have my own jawbreaker bank.



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