The war started at iacon,the decepticons launched a full scale assult using warships,cannons,turrents,and seekers,the autobots fought bravely but failed to keep a few decepticons from entering iacon,in their finaly fight to keep iacon under autobot controll the autobots created A-A guns to shoot down decepticon seekers,and warships,the decepticons retreted back to keon and were forced to create a new type of decepticon,a decepticon known as iran created the 3 insecticons,bombshell kickback and shrapnel using living decepticons,the insecticons were forced to flee cybertron becuse after iran created the original dinobots from parts of dead autobots,the dinobots turned on iran and destroyed him,and almost destroyed the insecticons,but the insecticons fleed cybertron and destroyed the original dinobots,4,00000 years later the dinobots were rebuilt(or as far as any cybertronian knew built)on earth,but the insecticons were already awake by that time,mean while before the autobots seent bumblebee and wheeljake to find energy,the decepticons used what was left of their warships(1)to transport them to a new world before the autobots,then when the autobots finaly were ready to launch,the evil decepticons attacked their shuttle,but instead of slowing the autobots down the decepticons spelled the autobots,and their own fait by cusing the autobot shuttle to crash land on earth!

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