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  • Guradian1098

    Ed, the Great was a very important user. I don't know anything about him, though. All I know is that he was important to this wiki in the early days, but he later disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to him?

    NOTE: Xydux wanted to post this, not me. He asked me to since he couldn't since he's using monobook.

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  • Guradian1098

    LOL. These made me crack up xD

    • Hmm compared to the current designs, I'd say Lee changed the most cause in THIS picture, she looks as if she could be short as Eddy.
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  • Guradian1098 what do you make of this?

    Well, I was surfing the web when I stumbled upon this...

    Idk...uh, maybe a cut scene from For Your Ed Only...?

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