Not long ago, when I was browsing some photos of Ed, Edd n Eddy in Google Image, I accidentally stumble upon a picture that draw attention to me, I've found a Photoshop-edited Grand Theft Auto PS2 game cover, with the 3Eds photos on it and bears a title label "Peach Creek"!

Grand Theft Auto Peach Creek. Here's the cover image

File:Grand Theft Auto Peach Creek.jpg
It appears that the image was created by a user which is a fan of Eds in deviantart. Link:

Note: This GTA game image is similar to the one created by Jspyster1, but only its labeled as "Grand Theft Eddo IV".

Please comment if you have read this blog. If you would like to create a page of this game in Ed Fanon, go would be appreciated.

18+ years or above can play this game!

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