Note: This is a fictional content

Edd has create a new technology that can serve residents of your building...

Introducing "The EddElator" Elevator Product.

File:Edd's Elevator.JPG
This elevator can reach to outer space, thanks to Ed's invention idea. No need for a machine room! As this is an M.R.L. (machine room less) elevator that doesn't requires extra space for a machine room. Saves space and energy, too! Also, it can be configured into Twin Elevator!

Project reference: Ed Co., Rathink Avenue, Peach Creek. Built by: Edd. Ordered by: Eddy. Extended (to outer space) by: Ed.

Get EddElator now by calling Edd or visit his showroom and factory in Edd's House, Rathink Avenue, Peach Creek.

File:Ed, Edd n Eddy on Elevator.png
File:Elevator in Space.JPG

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