Well, I have to say quite a scary and strained situation happened in my house.

Just recently on Sunday, August 12 2012 at around 4 PM evening, a thief climbed up on my backyard wall and about to reach my backyard door. Luckliky, my dad spot the thief and yells at him (I was busy reading one of Kirkland22's blog posts in my room at that time when I heard my dad shouted out loud so I must took a look outside) making the thief frightened and attempt to escape my backyard by climbing up the wall again. My dad quickly grabs the thief foot and attempt to pull him down, but failed; the thief was so quick to jump off the wall and escape.

Just as the thief escaped, my dad quickly went outside to chase down the thief in full rage. And it turns out that there are two thiefs; one is the theif who climb up on the wall and another one is his friend that waited on their motorcycle. As the two thief about to escape using their motorcycle, my dad chased them down the street (funny thing was, my dad chased them without wearing sandals or shoes, just bare feets. I laugh a bit seeing my dad like that). In the end, the thiefs runaway and my dad begin to inform the other neighbourhood about the incident.

After the incident, I've heard from many people that the area I live now is considered "unsafe", with many things have been recently stolen, such as my neighbour's motorcycle have been stolen and a TV from one of the house was also stolen. And even worst, my neighbour's dog was poisoned by an unknown person (possibly the thief).

Hopefully this incident won't happened again in the future. I'm still a bit shaking when I write this blog.

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